About Americans for Job Security

Since our founding more than ten years ago Americans for Job Security (AJS) has been at the forefront of an explosion of the marketplace of ideas. During this time AJS has put forth a pro-growth, pro-jobs message to the American people.

From the beginning our message has been a simple one: free markets and pro-paycheck public policy are fundamental to building a strong economy and creating more and better paying jobs.

We have always believe that the most effective issue advocacy message is one that drives the debate. Americans tend to only really focus on public policy issues when it is time for them to make a decision and that is why issue advocacy advertisements around elections are important. It is at that time that people are paying attention to the major issues of the day.

AJS is focused on driving the debate in the places where politicians, decision makers and the media are focused. However, in order to be considered a major issue of the day it must be in play in the marketplace of ideas. Likewise, AJS believes that it is important that we be actively discussing trade, education reform, tax reform, energy policy, and such other public policy issues long before concerned citizens are ready to focus on such weighty topics.

The two major parties, and their candidates for office, react to the marketplace of ideas, they do not drive it.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What is Americans for Job Security (AJS)? AJS is the only independent, bi-partisan, pro-business issue advocacy organization in America. Established in 1997, AJS promotes issues that strengthen the American economy.

• What is issue advocacy? Issue advocacy is a means by which citizens can express their views in the marketplace of public ideas. It allows business leaders and members of the private sector community to take their message directly to the people without the filter of the press, political campaigns or parties.

• Why is AJS particularly active during campaign season? Quite frankly, campaign season is when the majority of Americans are debating and focused on public policy. In addition, since the media and public officials only focus on media markets where there are hotly contested political campaigns, we select the media markets we advertise in accordingly.

• Who are your members? Our members are businesses, business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the country. AJS does not disclose or discuss its membership further than this. Too often politicians or the media define an organization or message not by the merits of the argument, but rather by the perception of the people associated with it. We would rather the people decide on merits instead of name-calling.

• Why now? In the face of continuing efforts to influence public opinion by anti-business interests, pro-market advocates need to be heard. AJS provides the best and most effective venue for the business community to inform the public on economic issues with a pro-market, pro-paycheck message.

• What is the tax status of AJS? AJS has been organized as a 501(c)(6) business league. Under the law, this type of organization is designed to promote the “common business interests” of its members. Membership dues to the organization are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions or business expenses.