For more than ten years Americans for Job Security (AJS) has been at the forefront of an explosion of the marketplace of ideas. During this time AJS has put forth a pro-growth, pro-jobs message to the American people. From the beginning our message has been a simple one: free markets and pro-paycheck public policy are fundamental to building a strong economy and creating more and better paying jobs.

In the coming years issues as fundamental to economic growth as free trade and tax reform will be before congress and we pledge to continue our fight for pro-growth, pro-paycheck policies. Below is a small sampling of the issues of the day that Americans for Job Security is actively working to affect:

Reducing Taxes

AJS is fighting against taxes that are too high, too complicated and stifle the innovation and growth of businesses working to create jobs and grow the economy. In recent years we have seen tax relief that has led to economic growth and it is our goal to ensure that these pro-market, pro-paycheck policies remain in place. An active member of the Death Tax Repeal Working Group, AJS has fought hard to kill the Death Tax once and for all.

Tort Reform

Comprehensive tort reform is an important part to creating a strong job creating atmosphere within the United States. AJS supports robust tort reform proposals at the state and national level. Frivolous lawsuits stymie job creation and tie up our legal system. Small businesses are the engine of our economy and they most often become the targets of frivolous lawsuits, drowning these job creators in legal fees and distracting the court system from addressing legitimate claims. Tort reform helps consumers, small businesses and taxpayers and creates a stronger job creating atmosphere.

Free Markets & Free Trade

Through pro-market, pro-growth policies the American economy will continue to create jobs and grow. AJS advocates the eliminations of duplicative and excessive government regulations which inhibit growth and innovation and inordinately affect the countries small businesses. In addition, AJS will continue to fight to open new markets for American entrepreneurs.


The American transportation and infrastructure system is decaying and bankrupt. Solving the nations coming transportation crisis will require innovative thinking and new ideas. AJS is dedicated to working with others to develop a plan which reduces congestion, improves roadway safety and provides an efficient manner for businesses to move products and personnel so they can continue to grow their businesses.

Education Reform

An education system which prepares students for the challenges and needs of the work place is imperative to the continued growth of our economy. AJS advocates for education policies which put money directly into classrooms, deliver results in the areas of math and science and offers accountability, affordability and accessibility to students, parents and businesses.

Health Care Reform & Modernization

The American health care system is at a tipping point and high taxation, government control and excessive regulation are not going to rescue it. AJS has fought for policies which would unleash market forces to modernize the health sector. In addition, American businesses and the health care industry in particular continue to struggle with an out of control legal system which is aiding in the rapidly increasing cost of health care. We have fought to curb these frivolous lawsuits and will continue to argue for reforms which reduce health care costs and deliver savings to consumers.


AJS is dedicated to the fight for a sustainable, affordable and comprehensive national energy policy. Through pro-growth, pro-market public policies we can help deliver affordable and reliable energy to American consumers while harnessing the work of innovative entrepreneurs to increase our use of renewable energy resources like wind, solar, clean coal, nuclear, and fuel cell power. In addition AJS believes that it is essential that we continue to explore new opportunities to rid ourselves of our dependence of foreign oil by maximizing opportunities in Alaska, Montana, Florida, Texas and the Dakotas.


Violence and crime is a threat to economic growth and prosperity. We must diligently work to enforce the laws on the books and ensure that our communities and homes are safe for work and family.