The US government ends any collaboration with Kaspersky, after the Moscow-based company has been accused of collaborating with the Russian intelligence services

The US Department of Homeland Security has ordered other official departments and government agencies to uninstall the Kaspersky antivirus system, writes BBC. The department suspects the Moscow-based company is having ties with the Russian intelligence services. The news was announced before a deliberation in the Senate was organized earlier this week, during which the US… Read More »

Algeria launches “helicopter money” as plan to plug the country’s budget deficit

Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia presented a comprehensive plan meant to reduce the country’s budget deficit. The controversial plan also includes the approval for several loans from the central bank, as OPEC member countries are trying to offset declines in oil revenues without accessing the international debt markets, writes Bloomberg. According to Ouyahia, non-traditional funding… Read More »

The first airline in the world who will tell you anything you want to know about your flight on… WhatsApp

  This pilot program is a really bold move for WhatsApp The messaging application was launched in several countries already and the service will become widely available in the upcoming weeks. WhatsApp and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have launched this premium test which is supposed to confirm if the new service offered by WhatsApp it’s… Read More »