9/11 or the day that changed America for ever

9/11 or the day that changed America for ever

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9/11 or the day that changed America for ever

16 years ago, a beautiful autumn day has turned into real hell

America was kneeled by the most devastating and traumatizing terrorist attack in history.

Along with the aircraft that destroyed the twin towers killing thousands of innocents, the world of terrorism has gained a new dimension.

New York, 08:46 local time: a commuter jet hits the north tower of the skyscraper.

For a few hours, the terrified world was 100% convinced that this is all an accident while hundreds of police officers, firefighters and rescuers rushed to stabilize the situation in Manhattan.

09:03 and a second plane breaks through the southern tower

From this moment on, it became clear that the entire thing was planned.

Two minutes later, President Bush, who was visiting a school in Sarasota, was put up to speed.

Washington 09:37 local time: the third plane hits the Pentagon building. A massive panic engulfs America and the entire world.

New York, 09:59 – the southern tower of the World Trade Center collapses and 11 minutes later, in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the fourth plane, packed with passengers, makes an emergency landing in a field.

New York 10:28 local time: the second tower collapses.

The 9/11 attacks were claimed by the Al Qaeda organization, led at that time by Osama bin Laden.

10 years after he killed no less than 3.000, on 2 May 2011, Bin Laden is being put to rest in Abbottabad, Pakistan by an American commander who shot him and threw his body into the sea.

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