The demand of robots in most industrial sectors reported an incredible rise in 2017

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A World Robotics Report 2017 estimates a rise of 18% increase in the process of implementing robotic solutions in 2017.

Universal Robots welcomes the news that collaborative robots will determine the evolution of the every single sector in the near future.

World Robotics Report 2017, a report released today by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) estimates an 18% increase in industrial robotics equipment for 2017 and around 15% between 2018 and 2020.

Global growth overtaking forecasts, accelerating economic cycles, increasing demand diversification, and the emergence and expected expansion of industry-leading “Industry 4.0” concepts contribute to these optimistic estimates.

This is not exactly a novelty for Universal Robots, whose forefront role is to design collaborative robots (dwarfs), devices expected to score a major evolution in the sector.

The “robot-man collaboration” is already a predominant trend, along with issues such as simplification, ease of installation and use, reduced weight, mobility and affordability.

These factors are essential characteristics of the guys in the vision of Universal Robots, the world market leader in the segment of guys.

“The latest predictions of the World Robotics report practically coincide with our own expectations – and our own vision of the company”, says Esben Østergaard, CTO (Chief Technical Officer, Technical Director) and co-founder of Universal Robots.


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