The fifth round of negotiations between London and Brussels predict a very “though Brexit”

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More and more voices in London claim the UK needs to prepare for a “tough Brexit“, which may indicate that negotiations between the two sides will become drastic and the Britons will become forced to leave the EU without a trade agreement.

According to the Minister of Justice in London, Dominic Raab, Britain must “fight for the best agreement”, writes the BBC.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, the London government already has a plan to unblock billions of pounds to prepare for the possibility of Great Britain leaving the bloc without a commercial deal.

More and more voices in London say this scenario sound plausible, given that after six months of negotiations there has been no significant progress regarding the separation between London and Brussels.

The talks stumbled when the EU leaders have reached to the most important issues – the rights of European citizens in the UK, the bill related to London’s obligation to pay and the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

While claims that Theresa May is ready to proceed to the next stage of the negotiations, Brussels complains about the lack of establishing clear measures of London and claims they will not start discussing a commercial agreement providing before those three key issues become solved.

The largest employer in Berlin also claimed that German business firms on the British market should prepare for “a very tough Brexit.”

Brexit supporters say if the UK does not reach an agreement with Brussels, the only responsible is the EU.

A “tough Brexit” means that the UK will not be able to reach a trade agreement with the EU and will leave the single market, which, in the opinion of lobby groups in London, will hit the economy.

BDI says some German companies are preparing back-up plans if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

According to Reuters, these companies include Airbus, Siemens and Deutsche Bank.

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