Ikea acquires TaskRabbit, the American start-up which provides customers with handymen

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Ikea will acquire the TaskRabbit start-up, which creates links between “craftsmen” and people who need their services, the most sought service offered by the platform being the assembly of the furniture produced by Ikea, writes Quartz.

TaskRabbit creates connections between customers who require assembly services and people who, for the right price, provide such services.

Transforming the start-up in a branch of the company will help Ikea deliver both delivery and assembly services.

It is not clear how much Ikea has paid in order to acquire the start-up, which so far has gathered $50 million on a crowfunding platform.

Sources familiar with the situation have told Recode that TaskRabbit is able to operate independently under Ikea’s oversight and has the freedom to conclude other partnerships, such as collaboration with Amazon.

The transaction will be terminated by the end of the week.

TaskRabbit is one of the big players in the demand-offer service industry, and was founded in Boston in 2008.

There are startups that wash your clothes, get you a drink, walk your dog or give you massages.

Most of the workers involved in such start-ups are hired as contractors, without benefits and with relatively low incomes.

DIY (Do-it-yourself) is a term that defines a behavioral current based on the need and pleasure of people to be their own craftsmen.

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