How the biggest idols of our generation ended up becoming waiters or high school teachers

  They were once the idols of our generation and they were everywhere Now, they have the most ordinary jobs or they ended up behind the bars because they lost touch with reality and the “celebrity status” transformed them into these selfish brats. One of these celebrities who benefited from one of the rudest awakenings… Read More »

For 2017, the world’s wealthiest families didn’t report any financial decline. On the contrary!

Only 4% of the world’s richest families have lost money last year after the stock markets and private equity businesses have expanded significantly, according to a report initiated by Campden Wealth and a group of financial analysts from the Swiss group of UBS writes The Guardian. The financial analysts who contributed to the financial survey… Read More »

China’s financial situation is worse than we actually imagine, but this collapse might come with certain advantages for experienced investors

  The TeleTrade experts warn in an interview for Banking News that China’s financial problems are more serious than we actually could imagine. However, judging by their opinion, the situation might offer advantages to certain FOREX investors because “such stock oscillations are, in fact, opportunities because you can take advantage of both situations, especially when… Read More »